Fun A Day Paintings

Joined the Fun A Day Dundee project to kick off 2015 with creativity (almost) every day in the form of painting.

I had previously did a few doodle paintings in the summer, first one was for myself. I wanted to doodle on a huge canvas, then decided to paint it in a way which was easy and fun. (image 1) After family and friends had seen that one, I made a couple as paid commissions (image 2,3). In the studio I used left over paint from paid commissions (more realistic depictions of pets) and made a couple more pieces I really liked. (image 4-6). After that I produced another big painting in Dec 2014 just before Fun A Day began (image 7), and since then I tried to produce a piece every day.

I drew in felt tips and markers and vowed I would continue with the piece even if I didn’t like what I drew. I also wouldn’t plan the piece, just draw and colour.
I have found it to be a great way of shifting any anxiety about making work just now. It has helped me think creatively, realise my own interests, and allow me to concentrate better in the studio. And of course it’s also been a lot of fun!

Image 1:
First doodle painting 
Image 2 & 3:
Paid Commissions


Images 4 – 6:
Left over paint from paid (realistic) commissions


Image 7:
Pre- Fun A Day Painting

Some of the Fun A Day Works…

This is my favourite – it’s based off of myths on the cotton plant.




Popcorn garden
This was a failed first draft of a commission and I painted happy cloud over the subject.

Collection in studio
Eggz salad.

Because I was eating one
Pop up exhibition next week & I can see what everyone else has been doing in order to have a fun January! 

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