Fun A Day Dundee 2015

The Fun a Day exhibition ( was held at Dundee WASPS artist studios on Sat 7th Feb, with an excellent turn out. There was a lot of great work on show and it was great chatting with artists and non artists on the opening night. Exhibitors involved:
Ed Muirhead, Laura Walker, Jerry Kane, Sarah Johnston, Becca Greig, myself, Yumi Choi, Kim Kermath, Kathryn Briggs, Sally Johnson, Pat Steel, Mai Mishma, Andy Herd, Hazel Saunderson, Anonymous, Lesley Bathgate, RolinaArtist, Rebecca Jones.

Organizers and curators were Becca Greig ( and Hazel Saunderson ( who were very friendly, helpful and supportive throughout the project! Here’s Hazel explaining the project this year:

In my previous post I explained how this project has helped me overcome any struggles with making art in the studio, becoming a relaxing, fun, and new way for myself to paint. Known for plant sculpture and photography, painting has always been a mental challenge for me, but this year I’ve taken other projects on board which have all helped my drawing and painting overall, and in turn, my commission work too.
I’ve felt drawn to coastal locations and materials recently, which could be the start of something new. I’ve been travelling via train instead of bus, which may have started this new longing, if not fast tracked it. Over time, I’ve been gaining more material from beaches etc, unsure how to proceed. Materials include crab, lobster shells, stones from beach and rivers, and seaweed… Watch this space.


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