Stalks, Boa, Seed Blanket

Degree Show/ RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition –

South African Protea Flower Sculptures and Scottish Landscape Mud Installation


Childhood interactions with landscape. Throwing outdoor and in.
Locally collected cut wheat stalks, unseparated from the earth.

Featured photos: 2 exhibitions. Appearance varies.

Protea Boa

Thousands of South African Protea flower perianths thread ontop of each other.
Chain featured in photos: 40 protea flowers, needle, thread. 10 meters.

Chain length varied from 12 feet to 5 meters. Approx 6 variations of Protea flowers and 20+ flowers (depending on length.)

Protea Seed Blanket

Thousands of South African Protea flower seeds piercing fabric.
Featured in photos: Approx 50 protea flowers, fabric, perspex. (62″, 26″).

Last blanket (#2) held 21,000 protea flower seeds. (76cm, 163cm).