New Studio

Moved into a studio in Dundee with two other artists from my year (Fraser and Calum Brownlee). Perfect time to get back into making new, substantial work. Have so far fixed up my two sculptures from the degree show and botanics exhibition for a small exhibition at the uni for the ‘Invisible Scotland’ conference in Dundee. So glad to be in a studio again.

Original ‘boa’ chain at degree show now floppy and half of it flattened so I threaded new pieces of flower I had left over to create a new short chain to attach onto the top end of original chain. The flattened end curls up in a ball on the floor. 
Process of fixing up seed blanket. I cut it out from the supporting frame minutes before hanging at degree show. Since then, without that support it has become less fixed and sturdy. Seeds are more likely to slip out around the edges making the rest of the blanket weaker. Damage was also done by visitors touching it during exhibitions so sections of the blanket were removed to start afresh.

Had different seeds which is visible to see in bottom left, also the lack of seeds I was left with. I added approx 10+ flowers worth of seeds to the blanket after degree show. This shows how weak it has become since being removed from supporting frame. The seeds need to be more dense to make it stronger.

These (L) styles/seeds were stored in a carrier bag. All pieces of the Protea flower head tend to stick together really well and create forms when stored in containers. (R) Seeds and other pieces which fall out from where pollen is kept, where perianth and style stick together.

Shots of the seed blanket during fix up.

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