Looking Closely: Invisible Scotland Exhibition

At the start of August I took part in the ‘Invisible Scotland’ Conference held at Dundee University/DJCAD, organised by Mary Modeen.  During the conference a small exhibition was held in DJCAD for recent graduates whose work touched on looking closely at the landscape (locally and internationally). The two Protea flower sculptures from my degree show were installed for this event. Artists: Alice Newman, Gemma Mathieson, Danielle Smith, Lewis Matheson and myself.

Protea seed blanket (far L) and Protea chain ‘Boa’ (far R).

Protea Seed Blanket                                    &                                             Protea Boa

Seed blanket hung off of wall using side rings on perspex rod, instead of being suspended from ceiling.

The blanket was is such bad condition that I had to remove one third of the seeds and re-seed the fabric again which left me with less seeds to finish it. Over time the fabric and existing seeds aren’t as rigid and it’s become very fragile. You can see darker patches of different seeds (L) and new, fuller seeds (R) which I added to finish it off.

A curve also formed in the center at the base of blanket.

‘Boa’ also has suffered damage which has mainly been from the lack of storage I had before moving into the new studio. Most of the chain was flattened and the perianths pointed downwards, so I threaded approx a meter of new chain which became the new vocal point.

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