Colourful Paintings Jan – Jul 2021

Each new year brings a time of creativeness for me. This is because of Fun A Day Dundee. Running the project involves connecting, supporting, commenting, and viewing artistic and fun projects by the public, so I’m always immersed in a variety of creativity. If I’m lucky, I’ll also have time to spend on my own Fun A Day project. This year, I managed to immerse myself into a flurry of abstract, colourful paintings and embraced what ‘fun’ means to me this year. I follow a lot of artists who focus on colour, pattern and form, especially painters. I did initially plan to work on collage, photography, and use mediums I’ve not touched in a while (oil pastels, watercolour), but I made sure to embrace the ‘fun’! I had an idea in my head for painting a tigers face using fun, loose brush strokes and lots of colour. Once I’d played around with it for as long as I was happy for, I was personally surprised and immensely pleased with the results. I started having ideas for other animals in a similar style and began incorporating posca pens once the acrylic was dry in order to add with pattern details on top.

To begin with here are some sketchbook experiments when I was warming up in January:

Some photography aswell:

Paintings focusing on colour, form, plants and animals:

I remember having this duck image strong in my mind after going for a walk around a loch where we were watching ducks over lockdown.

This is my most recent painting. I’d wanted to do a zebra for a long, long time because of how fun the black brush strokes would be. I’m usually tempted to lean towards blues and green for background, but wanted to try something bright to contrast the white and black.

Toad & Stoat

Trying a self portrait during an art video session. It’s been a long time since I’ve done one.

When I find myself with leftover paint in my pallet, I now grab a blank piece of paper and cover it with the remains. This is preparation for drawing on top with poscas, or possibly for painting an animal on top of. I find this is a good way to let go of over controlling my colour options too much and get results I wouldn’t of otherwise.

I’m keen to expand from this painting. I love the mystical/starry feel of it.

I just had to paint a lemur because of their beautiful and striking tails.

These were created from left over paint in the pallet.

More simplistic paintings focusing on eyes.


Posca doodling with just one colour.

Other experiments.

Colourful cell/egg painting:

A lot of my paintings tend to feature cell like forms. There’s something about dots and circles that calm me and provide a wholeness, continuation, and have life to them. I’m sure there are elements of what I learnt in high school biology where we drew plant and animal cells that have filtered their way into these paintings. I painted this one not long after finding out I was pregnant, and it was honestly unintentional in it’s egg like appearance. I must have been channeling some hormones/emotions!! It was mindless painting during a creative video sessions where FADD participants were chatting while working on their projects.

More cells:

Revisiting the tiger.

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