FADD 2021

What a joy it is being part of Fun A Day Dundee, especially at the helm where I have the opportunity to work with so many creative people who are active artists, and those who would label themselves as casual creators. Fun A Day Dundee welcomes anyone and everyone to get creative and embrace activities, projects and themes that they find fun over the month of January. Those who sign up to embrace a fun filled month as part of their own schedule, and at their own pace with their own goals. They can connect with other participants over social media – and outwith covid in person at social meets. Following this connected community, we exhibit the creative projects, art, music, and ideas that were created by the participants as a public exhibition. Over the past two years we’ve moved our exhibitions online, but are excited to try for a physical exhibition once more for 2022.

Over the initial lockdown, we wanted to support our creative community that we have on social media, and so created a separate account; FADD Creatives for mini, fun activities and as a place to provide support and a way for creatives to network.

It’s been a fun year for FADD, and I look forward to seeing where our next steps will lead us post lockdown.

Here’s a summary of FADD2021 in images:

  • Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland
  • FADD 2021 Team: Coordinator – Samantha Sherriff, Assistant coordinators – Hannah Wingfield and Leah Gurr, Creative Facilitator – Kirsty Baxter and Design Specialist – Jilly Noble.

Being a part of #DundeeKindness for our efforts with Fun A Day Creatives over lockdown:

Did a bit in the Evening Telegraph for @funadaydundee. If there’s an activity or many activities that bring you joy, make a bet to focus on them this January and be part of a community doing the same!

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