Maggie’s Online Market & May-June Drawings


The Makers for Maggie’s Market was planned before the lockdown happened, and organiser; Sophie Siegel (Candle Bothy) did a tremendous job at running it online, ensuring that money was still raised for the charity Maggie’s Dundee, while local businesses received support at the same time.
I was amazed by how well this online market worked. The format, look and feel was fun, professional and easy to understand. Because I was at home (and checking my phone regularly for messages, sales etc) I was able to ‘visit’ all the other stalls that weekend which I don’t usually get time to do at live ones. It was noted that many people sold in numbers rather than single sales, and there were people who wouldn’t usually visit and arts market such as this, but with the ease of it being online and very accessible, they bought work and supported the charity at the same time.
I really hope to take part in more online markets in the future. It was fun, and a great way to direct people to my online shop on Etsy. 

I was also asked to design the ‘stalls’ for all the sellers which was a lot of fun. I’ve been playing with digital drawing, but I still haven’t harnessed it enough to be totally comfortable doing proper drawings and paintings – it’s been more playful and for colourful ways to mindmap.


Some of the new work I made in anticipation of the online market…

… and my slides/ stall!


x x x x


I got larger wooden discs for my mini paintings which are so light and work great for magnets. My stamp also fits on these, which it didn’t for the ity bity ones!


Highland cows are popular!


These are the smaller versions of my mini paintings. I’m keen to keep doing both, as some designs work better with a certain size and often enough the samll ones are good for pins.










The foxes below are the second batch, and are slightly different –
some bits improved, and testing new colours out!


Three new drawings which I love! Coloured pencil on paper. I’m finding that I enjoy focusing small scale pencil work at the moment.

  1. Pheasant. Coloured pencil on paper, A3.
    I’ve wanted to give a good go at birds for a while. I grew up around pheasants (just a couple of meters from our door by the woods!) so it was nice focusing on this bird in particular.

2. Sleeping Cat. Coloured pencil on paper A5.
I enjoyed creating this wee drawing, as it was specifically for my husband of our cat! A request that has been on the go for a long long time.


3. Guinness the Cat. Coloured pencil on paper, A5.
A gift of a beautiful cat who will be sadly missed. A chilled out cat with a cool name, I enjoyed penciling in his long fur.

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