April- May Development (Studio)

With lock down in progress, after some time of going through similar activities and motions as many others, I was able to relax into a new routine and spend a lot of time in my home studio (feeling lucky having it at home!)


I’ve gone back to developing ideas and interests within a sketchbook every week which has been a valuable change alongside new projects/ peer learning. When I don’t work from a sketchbook, I tend to get less creative with my own art practice/development and loose motion.

I am so grateful to be a part of Creative Dundee‘s Fabric programme this year – peer learning, talks, and activities focussing on Creative Leadership. It’s been valuable to my role as co-coordinator for Fun A Day Dundee in it’s growth and for my own for future projects. I’ve also appreciated the connection with other people through zoom group meetings and individual virtual coffees, which is very much needed during isolation. A great opportunity to have discussions with new people. I’ve also found this with Creative Dundee’s AMPS Online breakfasts every week –  social group meetings to connect with local creatives in Dundee.


I’ve also been active with Fun A Day – specifically the branch off; FADDCreatives. It’s a friendly account that promotes and supports local creatives (artists, non-artists and hobbyists.) We’ve been providing creative prompts/challenges every week during lock down to inspire creativity and for folk to have a bit of fun!

Above images: Some experimental drawings I’ve been playing with using the FADD creatives prompt ‘Continuous Line’.

Since networking, discussing creative spaces and leadership and doing self reflection, I have been inspired in so many ways creatively. On top of this I have the joy of working with the amazing online team for @funadaydundee @sparklybarclay
@leah_gurr_jewellery @andintothetrees .
They are always inspiring and passionate at what they do! ❤️👍

Above images: Some printing I experimented with a couple of weeks ago after the FADDCreatives prompt ‘Repeat & Altar’. I was able to construct my own stamps – but focused on basic shapes rather than detail to begin with.

And with recent times, I’m glad to say most of my online consumption has been checking out artists and makers who inspire me. I’m looking forward to achieving my new goals for the rest of the year and for 2021.


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