Jan- March 2020

A collection of art and projects I’ve been working on over the beginning of 2020 (before covid-19 lockdown.)

Monty portrait on black paper with coloured and pastel pencils. I really enjoyed working on this portrait, was my first time drawing on a dark background (at least for a really long time) so it was an enjoyable change.



Cute photos of Monty with the finished piece at home!

Coloured pencil on paper portrait


Pastel on paper again of two pups


Fun A Day Dundee 2020: I will have a blog post following this one detailing the running’s of FADD2020 this year, but here’s a wee selection of what I made when I took part. I created a variety of artwork that was inspired by my daily life – what I was watching, what comforts me, and doodles which do ease my mind and help me think. Here’s a small selection of what I did. I am still to gather all the stuff I made (it’s taken forever as it was just put behind me in midst of everything going on. There a variety of textile, drawing, painting, and mixed media. Something to look forward to.)

One of my amazing clients send me a picture of her collection of mini portraits I painted of her cats with their photos!

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 3.13.37 PM

Stag drawing – although I do quite like the half way point of this drawing, so will probably revisit it and do a few versions.

Just before shut down, I sold some of my work at a local fundraiser. Was probably the last social gathering of that volume I attended. Was really nice speaking to people about my practice.

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 3.12.18 PM

A workshop I went to with Hannah Wingfield (fellow FADD team member.) Run by @properpads on Instagram at Murton Trust in Forfar. It was a great morning getting back into sewing and working with fabric again.


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