Pet Portraits 2018/2019

I’ve had a really busy few months, and I’m only now getting a chance to update my blog! After the Etsy Christmas Market, I did another one (The Gate Church Cafe Christmas Craft Fair). I enjoyed selling at these markets, I look forward to more this year! In the run up to Christmas my diary was jam packed with pet portraits over 1-2 months. This post is a selection of the portraits I drew & painted over that time.

After all this painting and sketching over the festive season, I jumped back into the busy planning and organising that is Fun A Day Dundee. This year, I applied for funding in order to continue running the exhibition as the numbers of participants grow each year. I am so pleased that Creative Scotland are funding us, and it’s very exciting planning and delivering all the new elements in the run up to the show. We’re looking at around 70 people exhibiting. It’s such a rewarding and inspiring project, with so many different people, with different skill sets, all bringing their own take to the same project.

I look forward to the exhibition, but am also looking further through the year and planning commissioned work, personal projects, markets, as well as Fun A Day Dundee 2020 can you believe it!

  1. Acrylic on paper (A4) This may be one of my favourite paintings I’ve done!


2. Beautiful ginger cat! A2, coloured pencil on paper.


3. This adorable wee Scottish terrier. Acrylic paint on paper, A4.


4. I did love drawing this dog! Coloured pencil on paper, A4.


5. A3 acrylic painting. I think this was the first painted dog (on this scale, on canvas) I had done in a while, and thoroughly enjoyed it.


6. Set of 3 postcard sized paintings on paper. Acrylic paint. I enjoyed painting this wee trio!


7. Little pup, acrylic paint on canvas A4. I’m keen to create a few drawings and paintings this year directly onto a bold colour/coloured paper.


8.  This double act, acrylic on canvas, A2. 🙂


9. Another acrylic on canvas, A2.


10. & an acrylic on paper horse 🙂



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