May 2018 – Plant Power, Expressive paintings & Brooches.

Expressive paintings.

For a long time I’ve enjoyed doodling and playing with acrylics. I enjoy the process, but I have never quite gotten the desired results. I love expressive paintings, illustrative, bright colourful art, and have recently felt compelled to fill a canvas with natural markings, shapes, and colours. I feel satisfied and happy with these paintings, they are exactly what I feel I’ve been trying to get out of my system for some time. I believe they are purely for me, and I enjoy producing them. I’ve learnt to take action when I feel compelled to create, and am thankful for the inspiration and creative chat I’ve had over the past few months thanks to participants of Fun A Day Dundee. Networking with creative people has helped me develop my own art practice.


Plant Power Day at The University of Dundee Botanic Gardens.

An educational, fun, family day in the garden with face painting, science workshops, music from the Barrowband, birds of prey, flute making, my arts & craft stall and much more! It was a beautiful, warm day  with a huge turn out this year. All the crafts at my stall were used up by the end of the day!  The kids favourites were the pinecone garden spiders (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, wool and pinecones) and the wooden pendants I made. (Sliced tree branch with ribbon to create a necklace they can draw/decorate themselves.) Many visitors had a go at decorating the community canvas too, which has been added to the collection of community canvases/art from my previous workshops at the botanic garden.


Hand Painted Wooden Brooches.

I’ve had an interest in wooden discs since Plant Power Day at the Botanics 3 years ago. I found an ideal tree to cut slices from, sanded them down, painted them with chalkboard paint and used them as chalk boards for kids to draw on! Smaller branches are much easier to come by, and I’ve been using smaller discs for craft recently. I love painting on this small scale, and have a few ideas in the run with this material. Here is my first collection of painted wooden discs, made into hand crafted brooches/pins!




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