FADD – Drawing A Day

It is January already, and Fun A Day Dundee is in full swing once more! This is my third year managing the project, and I am able to take part this year! Last year I didn’t have enough time to do something fun as well as running the event, but thankfully, 2017 has been the turning point in having more time to dedicate to my art practice. Running Fun A Day is fun in itself, while being challenging, but last year I learnt a lot, and now have a system in place, to build upon. There is documentation of numbers, techniques, and inputs from participants to work around in order to make the project enjoyable, and open to all.

If you haven’t a clue what FADD is then have a nosey here. There’s also a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account.

My project this year is to do a quick, small, drawing every day. Here are my first two; Day 1 & Day 2!

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