Penna – feather

Recent developments with feather work… I will be applying feathers onto fabric again, after trialing them on glass frames and paper. 

-Will try large scale & new material

-Inspired me to produce repetitive patterns 

-Will use famous peacock feathers

Collage frames below. Sketches, feathers, and acrylic. Would prefer these on large scale out of the frames, with the right kind of paper. 

First time overlapping feathers has been effective.

I collect feathers as I see them, as well as having a decent collection of peacock feathers (well known and regular). On a recent walk I came across a large number of duck/geese feathers by a loch while the birds were at the other side. The feathers were in good condition and I collected as much as I could. 


Feather photography…

Below – well received experiments with feather forms on deep set glass frames

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