Jan – Feb 2017

Jan- Feb 2017

Well so far this year I’ve been very busy! With a whole host of things – but gratefully: art. Since November I’ve been occupied with Fun A Day Dundee – a collective art project that encourages people of all occupations and skills to get creative and have fun throughout January of every year. This has required a lot of my time as I organised this year solo, which helped me learn new skills, to realise how much fun organising an exhibition can be, to see how brilliant and helpful participants were in realising the final exhibition (big thanks again to everyone who helped), and to meet new and brilliant creative folks of Dundee. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, and with Fun A Day Dundee being so successful this year, plans will be underway shortly for Fun A Day Dundee 2018! Watch this space… I’m currently focusing on drawings & feather/bird work, as well as taking commissions for pencil sketches of animals. Very animal orientated at the moment! I also have more art workshops lined up throughout the year, which I believe will encourage me to get creative outside again.

New Drawings
Got busy doodling with pen & pencil. Drawings were inspired from images of animals.

Studio Painting
Acrylic and ink on glass.

Photography/ Exploration
(Photography from phone)

Home Studio

Top left below: Gift from Marilyn Rattray/Fractured & top right below: Gift from David Kendall/Last of the Christmas tree

Newtyle Church Guild Art Evening: The Joy Of Art

On Monday 27th Feb, I was invited along to the February Newtyle Church Guild meeting for an art workshop on Joy. I had a lovely time, thank you to everyone there! It was great to see the hidden talents and beautiful ideas expressed through drawing and painting. We did a touch of portraiture, and freehand drawing on the idea of hope, happiness, and fun, painting on wooden pendants, paper, and a collaborative board, while discussing art.

Sketchbook Clips

Images from a sketchbook I made for Church Guild night, giving a summary of artwork and projects I’ve done over the years. It was nice to look back, reflect, and decide what new steps to make for the future.

Fun A Day Dundee

Fun A Day every day! This year we had approximately 60 people taking part in the project, with 41 participants exhibiting together in February. Keep your eyes peeled on Fun A Day social media (Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Twitter) for information on how to be part of Fun A Day 2018. I’ve definitely been inspired and encouraged artistically because of this project, as I know many participants have been. 

Photography/Project&Exhibition Organiser 2017: sambaxterart

Click here for more on Fun A Day Dundee

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