Fun A Day Dundee 2017

I’ve been encouraging everyone to take part in Fun A Day Dundee again, and it’s certainly worked! Record numbers of participants so far, which is very exciting. There’s a huge variety of work planned throughout the month, with participants of all ages and occupations taking part. Projects include; walking, kids superhero drawings, weaving, collage, photography, sketching, upcycling, textiles, digital collages, videos, and much more. 

I took part in Fun A Day Dundee for the first time in 2015 and found some happiness and motivation in my art again which kick started my new year with opportunities and networking. The following year I helped organise the event, which was really fun, as I was able to see all of the individual projects develop over January.

This year, I’m carrying the event on, with familiar participants, and new faces signing up. I find the project motivating, inspiring, fun, and a great way of connecting with new people. I hope that this year’s participants get what they look for out of Fun a day Dundee and have a Fun New Year!

Final group exhibition showcases participants efforts in February/March this year. Watch this space…
For more information on Fun A Day Dundee visit or send an email to funadaydundee@gmail if you would like to take part!
Instagram: funadaydundee
Twitter: @FADDundee

Some examples of this years Fun A Day Dundee projects so far!




1. Sandra Cassidy – Fabric hexagons (Instagram)
2. Judy Scott – (Day 7) Collages (Website)
3. Cally Booker – (Day 5) Triaxial weaving with sliced up Christmas cards (Website)
4. Ed Muirhead – A daily square of card – a single paint colour on each one – a variety of shapes & brush strokes (More)
5. Little White Desk – Project ‘2016’ (Facebook)
6. Nicola Donnelly – Read a chapter of a book a day
7. Ellie Fiddes – Artwork using sheded snake skin (Facebook)
8. Lucy Robertson – (Instagram)
9. Chris Duke Design – (Day 3) To combine having fun with exercise by walking and exploring to capture moments (Instagram)

Some work I’ve previously done for FADD

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