Art Workshops & Feathers

Over the summer I ran art workshops at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden, exhibiting artwork, and providing interactive arts and craft with the public. Here are some images of the last couple of workshops. One workshop was catered for the Friends of the Botanic Garden Gathering event which was a very enjoyable evening, and one I was thankful for being part of.

I am also well underway on a new project with feathers, that deals with light, shadow, fragility, detail, functionality and location.

Botanic Garden Art Workshops

The Botanics already has a nature trail made up for children to follow through the garden, so I created a worksheet nature trail for the glasshouses that involved spotting fish, finding bananas, drawing cacti shapes, etc.

Workshop activities included; drawing, drawing on stones which I varnished, drawing on wooden chalk boards and slates which could be taken home and re used, face painting on arms and faces, nature trail in garden, nature trail in glasshouses, and nature bands that involve collecting plant debris and sticking it to a bracelet. 

Artwork exhibited: Recent photography, paintings, drawings, and feather work by myself and drawings and paintings created by children in my previous art workshops.

Drawings are paintings inspired by the creative workshops I held with children at the Botanic Garden.

Children’s collaborative paintings on the right, and paintings of mine on the left, directly inspired from the children’s work.

Face painting is a lot of fun. The majority of visitors wanted flowers up their arms and on their faces.

Homemade wooden chalk boards.

New detailed drawings. Prints available soon.

Sketchbook of photography from the Botanic Garden.

Framed feather work


 Friends Gathering
Poster for Friends of the Botanic Garden Summer Gathering Art Workshop

Art workshop hut

Workshop included a timetable of similar activities seen in previous workshop above.

I have found that chalk is great for most activities and isn’t half as messy as paint can be for children!


These feathers were kindly received from an estate with many peacocks. I will soon have work with the more iconic peacock feathers, which are rare to come by, and hard to keep, but absolutely gorgeous! I have some that have seen wear and tear which I will use in the mean time.

Thanks for reading!

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