Botanic Garden – July

Continuing photography & arts and craft workshops at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden over the summer. New developing work with plant drawings and bird feathers. I have two more art workshops in the garden this month. Next weeks is for Friends of the Botanic Garden social event, and the following (Sat 27th) which will also showcase some new work. At my most recent workshop I presented some developmental work for public feedback. The peacock feather piece was well received, and I’m developing more work with the material. I’ve taken to drawing over colourful painting recently in order to capture the plant forms that I find most enchanting.


Drawings exhibited one summers day

Glimpse of The Ideal Hut Show 

I got to meet Oor Lillies!


Free Entry Saturdays Art Workshop

Peacock feathers, mesh fabric

Acrylic, ink

Plant Weaving

Craft bunting

Plant weaving. Search the garden for plant debris and craft your exploration

Ehsaan putting the final touches to his piece

Nature boards for plant weaving

Drawings – Reminded some viewers of the recently popular colour books. I like this as I too, felt the desire to colour some of my drawings. I struggle to like any drawings I colour in (books), and I found this to be true with these new drawings. The absence and anticipation of colour within the drawing. 

Slate drawings – Benjamin’s excellent rainbow


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