Recent Work – June

I’m currently involved in projects at The University of Dundee Botanic Garden, while developing new plant sculpture inspired from my experiences there. I’m looking forward to producing sculptural work again – and am not sure what to expect result wise – which is exciting!

Pictured above: Ursinia Anthemoides

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Never – Never Plant Ctenanthe oppenheimiana ‘Tricolor’

‘Cup & Saucer Vine’

Bird of Paradise

Chamaecereus Silvestrii cacti
I love how vibrant cacti flowers are

Cestrum elegans

Primula Bulleyana
I find these flowers form fascinating 

Having fun painting with Bob Ross in the evenings

Sketchbook with dock leaf

Experiments with bird feathers – I’m keen on this development 

New friend to keep me company in the studio

Last month I also exhibited my old Protea Boa chain in the glasshouses on Plant Power Day
Staff and visitors happened to stuble upon it – inspecting it once realising it wasn’t part of the plant arrangement.

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