Plant Power Day 2016

University Of Dundee Botanic Garden Plant Power Day 2016
My part in a family day at the Botanic Garden.
Thanks to the support from The Garden, I organised an arts and craft stall at the event, encouraging children and adults to get creative through drawing and painting. I had a similar set up last year, where the wooden chalk boards I made proved to be very popular, so I brought them back this year.

Stall all ready to go..

Kids having fun out in the garden

Drawing on chalk boards and a glimpse of the communal painting taking shape.

The garden also provided stones for painting on. This was well loved with all the visitors.

Communal painting – brush stroke discoveries with the young ones.

Some of the beautiful drawings on the chalk boards.

It was a very busy day for myself, and the weather managed to make a turn for the better, with temperatures rising in the afternoon. I met some friendly, lovely people, as well as very polite kids on Saturday! It was great having a chat and seeing the natural, creative artwork that comes from children.

Adding some details to the canvas..

The Boa chain (made using thousands of Protea flower pieces thread together) made a secret appearance in the Botanic Glasshouses on Saturday as well! Hidden among the plants, it was left to be discovered by visitors.  

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