Macro Photography & Studio

This week I’ve been at the Botanic Garden in Dundee & working on a few things in the studio with dried flowers.

From Monday 28th Sep I’ll have the gallery space at the garden for a month. I’ll be showing some recent work & selling some drawings & paintings, as well as using the space for Autumn craft workshops with kids.

& on Wednesday I had a go at macro lens photography in the garden… Now I’m keen to go lens shopping!

Thorns of Rosa Macrophylla 

Moss branches

Hydrangea on right

Bud of Glory Bush

Close ups of Glory Bush flower

GB & Cacti
 The garden is starting to glow with warmer tones as we move into Autumn. 

Love the colours here

Plant debris. Big Cone Pine has these large needles beneath the tree (which I collected) & (surprise) very large pine cones

Flowers by the pond

Inside the glasshouses

Glory Bush has such vibrant petals

The centre of the flower is stunning (above are macro lens shots of centre)


Fallen flowers gathers for studio

Thistle seeds

Dried Scottish flowers (from Country Garden Company, Fife)

Thread onto mesh

Framed flowers

& this monster. (Thistle seeds, acrylic.)

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