Log Cabin & Gazebo

Recent work from the garden:
I thread a bunch of herbs together the previous night before hanging them inside the centre gazebo in the garden, in order to try play about with plants which have a strong scent. The lavender was very effective in drying, and when hung. Unfortunately mint doesn’t last as well, but I would like to continue experimenting with it, as it does smell strong and is a familiar scent to everyone.

I have also tried printing a couple of images of the Bird of Paradise flower I admired from the glasshouses & will produce official prints of this, and more soon. Painting has also been something I enjoy doing recently, and the garden is the perfect place for inspiration.

The mint thread together in pieces (hands smelt great)

Lavender (larger volume would be ideal)

Small log cabin

Herbs & vinaigrette to smell & taste (kids preferred this) 


Glasshouse painting


Garden paintings


Lavender, garlic, herbs. Started ideas for future project in works for a touch, smell, interactive, sensory art exhibition throughout the garden.

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  1. Pretty.


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