Latest from the Studio

Building up collection of plant material for over winter… Plants/material focusing in on: stone, money puzzle, rosebay, curly dock, thistle seed, lavender, flower petals. I had quick visits with some of these during 3rd and 4th year at DJCAD & look forward to expanding on them. Plus, check out this interview I did:

Studio images & my collection of sketchbooks (plus

one stalk taken from RSA exhibition) 
v below v

Petals – Sketchbook

 Drying out roses

Stones – collection – coastal

Protea & lavender

Bark peel
 Found frame/artwork – used for lavender – incredible smell in hands – scent has to be included in outcome
Pulled out paper image & replaced dried with lavender
Curved glass bowl
 Stalks minus purple lavender

Also busy with painting commissions – great for building that skill up and for cash.

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