The yellow fields of rapeseed are back, and it occurred to me that I had never really visited the fields when the plant is in full swing. I took the opportunity today, and wasn’t disappointed. I walked out from the field after exploring covered in yellow spots and with a lingering sweet smell in my hair. New ideas have formed from this experience (along the lines of performance) as well as concreting other work. Watch this bright yellow space. (Side note; currently busy with scenery work and commissioned paintings which is a nice change.)

 Two very long rapeseed fields together is an ideal location for performance.

The flowers and its leaves produce great colour.

Studio this month..

Polaroid organisation

 Single mud stalk left from ‘Stalks’, (keepsake) from the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition (https://sambaxterart.co.uk/Stalks) and a test for current seed work.

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