Install at RSA: New Contemporaries Exhibition.

 RSA: New Contemporaries install. Re-made work which was produced for the degree show at Duncan of Jordanstone (2013). The install was such a great experience.
During the process of the stalks install, I had some trouble shaping the work and realised I was holding back at first because of the surroundings. After becoming used to the consistency of the type of stalks, it was easy to let the work shape itself out. I had to let go of any preconceptions and accept the form that was taking place.
This was definitely a difficult and exciting process to accept and I would love to do it again with other materials. A lot of thanks also has to go to Mike for his help in this work, from the collection of the field stalks to the install. 30 bin liners were collected for this work.

Final count of seeds for the blanket: 21,000
All new flower material for Boa as previous flower material became brittle and curled. 
Final count of chain: approx 12,000 flower pieces, length approx 3 meters.
Early install with Stalks and sculpture after.
Filling the handling section (of the blanket) in with seeds once suspended.
Open from 15th Feb – 12th March

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