Towards RSA New Contemporaries

I have been drying out new flowers to add to my existing collection to make final work for the new contemporaries exhibition next month.
I am exhibiting my 3 best works to date (protea chain, blanket and field stalks). I am re-making every single one from scratch. Due to the nature (pun!) of the material, they will turn out different this time, mainly the field stalks piece. This year a lot of the fields have grass in them this month and I am to expect changes in the making of that piece, which will be interesting. The purpose of the field stalks is to capture the physical contact, chaos, enthusiasm and life captured in childhood as well as the present. How the work becomes presented in the final outcome is controlled to some extent by myself, but does fall outside the lines which I am excited to see/accept.


 Cut up forest grass. On going project.

Protea flowers

Threading perianths together (chain)
I have also began counting during the production  of my work as many people were intrigued to exactly how many seeds/flowers etc went into the sculptures during the degree show last summer. It’s nice to have a more exact number in mind this time.

500 perianths

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