Progression: Protea Seed Blanket

1. Square panels, dense colour, square canvas frame with white fabric for piercing styles.
Organised seeds became random as density increased.
First side and back view of collection of styles in fabric.
2. Attached to wall so that both sides were seen, forest and root view.
3. Sem 2: Seeds cut away from wooden frame. Minimal.
They were able to stand up together.
Ideas for creating hanging blanket. Always interested in creating blanket like rectangle works, domestic, statement making large seed piece, was a challenge and always eager to create something that seems difficult. Collecting seeds from Protea flowers.
Seeds from one flower. Packed twice the density of finished piece, but still a shocking lack of seeds from one flower to create small door size piece of just seeds.
It begins… Spreading out all the seeds as they varied and I didn’t want the piece to be patchy. Using two layers of printing fabric (natural colour) this time which were sewn together before stapled to the frame.

This is where it felt really hard. I could see how dense it had to be and how much had to be covered in such little time. Also worried about the lack of seeds I had. (The flowers were v. expensive.)

Finished piece! L: Degree Show, suspended from ceiling with fishing wire. R: Botanic Gardens, hooked onto wall.

 Due to lack of space after graduation, inefficient transportation and condition after exhibition (people got handsy), the blanket became weak and damaged. I had to remove large sections and re-seed the blanket before it’s last exhibition. This took approx 24 painstaking hours.

L: Finally finished! (Again). I made the bottom half more dense than the first time so I had to bring in more seeds (odd ones I still had from dried flowers) which were darker. R: Invisible Scotland exhibition, hung off of the wall. 

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