Invisible Scotland Conference Trip

I attended the Invisible Scotland Conference held by Mary Modeen at Dundee University (beginning of August) which also had the small student exhibition ‘Looking Closely’ which my work featured in. One of the group trips as part of the 4 days was lead by Arthur and Euan (djcad tutors), visiting Tealing, Aberlemno, Caputh, Forfar, Glamis, Dunkeld and Perth to see Ossian’s Hall, pictish stones, hear traditional singing from Arthur in the heat by the tay and what used to be a berry field, as well as remains of the old Scotland.

Tealing House Dovecot. Built 1595, containing pigeon holes for birds to nest. Pigeons and doves used to be an important food source in Western Europe.

A Fogou, possibly used to storage of food. Circular stone walled space in the ground. Were present in communities.

Pictish stones.

By the tay where Arthur sang.

What used to be a berry field.

Ossians Hall, Dunkeld, Scotland.

View from Ossians Hall, the sound was amazing. Also saw some salmon jumping.

Below: taken from the bus

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