Re: Sustain Skill Share Exhibition

My work and some of the other works from Dundee’s Skill Share Exhibition curated by Marybeth Quigley.
Was one of a two part event showcasing Scottish talent through art and craft. Artists and makers were invited to submit work which celebrated the theme of sustainability. An exhibition exploring recycled mediums. Photos taken before opening.

Artists who took part: 

– Sam Baxter – Kim Kermath – Ben Whitney – Lara Luna Bartley – Rosemary Head – Sarah Morbey – Mary-Beth Quigley – Jennifer Argo – Ali Ferguson – Alexandra Hornyik – Garry Murrie – Jill Kitson – Morgan Cahn – Charlie Gray – Grainne Mortimer – Emma McDermott – Rosy Long

(Own) Heather Hill. Inspiration, photography, collection, experimentation, painting and drawing.

Old bottle/jar, wooden pallet, books as sketchbooks and plants.

Sarah Morbey

Ali Ferguson

Garry Murrie

Morgan Cahn

Rosy Long

Alexandra Hornyik

Charlie G

Grainne Mortimer

Liam Dunn

Jill Kitson

Ben Whitney

(Own) ‘Boa’. Protea flower sculpture made up of 40+ flowers. Perianths thread on top of each other to create chain.

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