Work Summary

My practice explores plants to discover the beauty and potential that they hold. 

A lot of my work involves the South African flower, Protea. I dismantle and organise all the sections of the flower and then reassemble them into sculptural pieces using needle, thread (for the long chain) and fabrics (blanket- like sculpture). 
This process enhances the hidden elements and characteristics of the flower for the viewer to see, but in an intriguing and alternative form. 
This controlled and delicate work is contrasted with the chaotic and immediate interaction with local plants, such as muddy wheat stalks and nettles.

The work is to encourage viewers to look past the outer shell of the plant and to break down original perceptions in order to appreciate the natural beauty and wonder that is usually overlooked in everyday lives.

My degree show work is an output of my childhood interactions with the landscape and my familiarity with the wild plants. The work is a direct extension of me as one work’s size was determined from mine, another may weigh my weight and one shows the height I throw at.

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