Week 2 Beginnings of ‘TwigSpace’

In the woods by our house there is a section of  dense, dead trees and so a lot of soft twigs on the ground. Make snapping and crunching noises when you walk on them. Wanted to quickly start on some work based on sound and smell in a small space and decided to work with these soft twigs. Collected them in bags mornings and evenings, usually filled 4 bags. Scale of ground to cover in the room larger than i thought and eventually collected 9 bags at once one morning to finish off the installation. 
Aim was to cover the floor with these soft twigs.

Also hung dead willow tree herb (from last semester) 
above in the white section of the room using string. Already good shadows casted off from them.

Lack of the natural fluff on the willow tree herb so i added spots of thistle seeds which are similar.

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