Week 1 , Year 4

Can’t believe I’m now in my final year. Time has flown by which is a good sign. I’m starting this year off by creating small room installations every couple of weeks or less (here’s hoping). As far as it’s looking I want to work with twigs, smell, colour from natural material, natural dyes/scents again, sweet smells, pollen, dry plants, flowers and lightning. Also looking at pollination, strength, weakness, emotions to landscape, fairy tales and more…
Studio space, first photo. Bright space with great walls.
Collections. Below basket of dry flowers. The bulk is Protea cores.
Test with threading Protea styles into fabric

Puffing out fabric creates a more interesting form

Pollen stained glass. Residue from lily pollen floating in water.

Lily pollen in jar, dead and fresh flowers in water.

Dead thistle produces strong seeds to disperse. I’m attracted to white fluffy seeds (rose bay willow herb from year 3, and kept all the dead sticks… not sure how they are looking yet).


Reverse side of styles in paper.

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