White Space Installation

Last week I managed to start some substantial work in a small, square white space which hit off new ideas on using light, how to present my current and future work and more importantly, how to present my protea flower pieces using the smaller works (frames) along side larger scale work (dead rosebay willow herb).

I began by carefully placing each twig over two pieces of string that reached from the door entrance to the opposite wall. After completing half of this, it collapsed during the night as the string wasnt attached well enough, and so on the second time round I found that it didn’t look or feel as dense and heavy above you, but by spot lighting the structure, this aim was achieved from the great shadows casted off onto the blank white walls around the room.

Starting Out… The majority of twigs were just balanced on the string with the white fluff sticking them together. As it reached up onto the wall with frames, I had to tie most sticks to the rope as they were sliding.
Framed pieces of Protea flowers. These were well a hit in the group crit today and I’d like to do more pressed, smaller formed work like this by using old books as artist books again. (Thanks, Jane).

This long piece of flowers sewn together works better if hung from a great height. Sadly in this room it wasn’t possible.


 I am going to continue working with light and shadows as they help give a greater presence and voice to the plant. I aim to explore and emphasize on the detail, structure and beauty that is lying all around us in our day to day lives.

Below, tray and hanging flower piece. Great shadow presence along side the rosebay willow herb shadows. The tray had Protea seeds scattered inside. Would love to incorporate wind and heat with the use of seeds and pollination (including pink sugar for viewers to collect!)


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