Studio Space & Works!

Current space in studio, may be removed for bigger work by the end of the week for group crits on the Monday.

Tied all the fluffy pieces of protea material together to make one long chain (tail). Still have boxes, packets and bowls of discarded plant material that I currently have no use for. In the orange vase there are the stalks of some protea flowers that actually look nice without the flower head.

Pulled out the core of the flower head and left it in a pile to dry off. The 3 parts of the flowers dried out and split apart showing off all the orange/brown furry seeds and sharp points of the styles. Looks like a nest. Would like to create my own human sized nest using parts of this flower and most likely local twigs and branches.

Outer bracts of pink Protea flower with white fluffy tips Protea ‘styles’ that present pollen, woven together
with white fluffy tips

Pieces of perianth sewn together on thread after drying out and curling a little. Same part of flower as the white fluffy ‘boas’, just another variation. This flower was stickier and a darker colour of pink.

Framed pieces of flower

Old piece of plastic and ‘babys breath’ flowers

Last semester I found a monkey puzzle tree branch in a park and picked off all the sharp green pieces and sewed them together which naturally curved and created a circle. I then glued on Protea fluffy seeds to the base of this form which made it look like a crown to me. Originally loved the idea of using this plant as it reminded me of the green beetles that are found in the flower and under their bodies it look like there’s protea seeds stuck to them 

Selection of polaroids

Glass jars. First one holds protea seeds and the second, wild black seed pods and money plant seeds. Center jar has colored sugar (flavoured with strawberry to attract viewers like a flower attracts insects) with orange protea seeds on top. And below wooden coaster (yr 2) with pieces of green leaf and moss glued down (just air dried) with protea seeds.

Pink outer bracts of Protea drying out
Rose petal necklace on thread (sewn together when damp and then air dried)
 Has strong smell.
The dark pink proteas from 3 weeks ago. With needle and thread, I joined the outer bracts of these proteas together, which was a very sticky process and I made this in my room, so fluff and cat fur kept getting caught to it. A lot sharper and violent to other types of protea I’ve worked with.

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